mobile plans

In fact in the world of monthly mobile plans, Telenor was the first that really took the “unlimited” feature and made it successful. Telenor had launched its $10 Day plan some months earlier but the thought of paying a fixed amount each day regardless of how much or how little you use your phone didn’t sit that well with everyone.

The first version of the Telenor mobilabonnement had many options, one for unlimited calls and sms and small amount of data, one for unlimited calls, sms and mms as well as large amount of data and the final plan covering all the others and over 100gb of data each month. The rules where not easy to understand and so my feeling is that customers found it slightly confusing even though they may have been attracted by the idea.

Along came Telia with its $40 recharge offering unlimited calls, SMS and MMS,  and 3GB of data, plus unlimited music straming such as spotify. This offer had a 30 day expiry and really took off.

Since then, there have been similar plans launched by the likes of Telio, Komplett mobil and others. I can certainly understand why someone would want an unlimited offer. Not having to worry about running over your credit limit or running out of credit if you are using mobilabonnement is a real plus. If you aren’t a power user of your phone nor its internet services and you are currently paying $30 per month prepaid or via a plan, why spend $10 extra a month just in case you want to go crazy. There are actually lots of mobile plans in the market that will give you just as much value without you having to commit $40 each month.

I recently ran a Poll to find out what the sentiment around unlimited mobile plans was and was shocked to see that 80% of people visiting my site and completing the poll where after some form of unlimited plan, be that for their mobile, mobile broadband or their tablet. I really did not expect it to be so high.

This is likely the feedback that the telecommunication companies are receiving and therefore why so many of them have launched their own unlimited mobile plans.